Electric Red

Flic Flac {Typeface Promo}

FlicFlac is an organic, soft and rhythmic typeface by Contrast Foundry. It explores the idea of repetition, without following the strict rules of traditional stencil and modular designs. Originally, Flic Flac is a classical ballet move, which improves agility.
We were challenged to create a promo for this very specific typeface. We decided to enhance the rhythmic structure and extremely ornamental text textures with kinetic typography. As a result, we designed a series of short animated posters each of which represents one of the dances. Every motion has its unique nature, which relies on moves specific to certain dance.
Svyat Vishnyakov {Design & Motion}
Nastya Vishnyakova {Design}
Natasha Dzhola
Cofo Flic Flac {Contrast Foundry}