Electric Red

The Terraforming {Identity}

The Terraforming is a research project by the Strelka Institute that touches on the subjects of urban transformation, technology and the ecosystems that are necessary to continue our lives on Earth. The word “terraforming” is defined as a transformation of a planet’s ecosystems and satellites such that they will be suitable for human life, but the environmental effects of the anthropogenic are such that this practice will soon need to be applied to the Earth itself.
Art Direction
Nastya Vishnyakova
Anna Kulachek
Nastya Visnyakova {Identity}
Elya Forelya {Identity}
Svyat Vishnyakov {Motion}
Web Design
Daria Luchinina
Julia Figlovskaya
Anna Yemets
Kate Leonova
Suisse Int'l {Swiss Typefaces}