Electric Red

The Khudozhestvenny Cinema {Motion, Wayfinding}

"Khudozhestvenny" is one of the oldest cinemas in the world, opened in 1909. The premiere of "Battleship Potemkin", the famous film by Sergei Eisenstein, took place here. In 112 years, the cinema has changed its name and was rebuilt more than once, but has always remained a favorite place for Muscovites. In 2020, a large-scale restoration was completed, and the building was returned to its historical appearance. Now film festivals and premieres are held here.
Wayfinding & Motion
Nastya Vishnyakova
Svyat Vishnyakov
Olya Goreva
Ksenia Yamutova
CoFo Cinema 1909 {Contrast Foundry}
CoFo Sans {Contrast Foundry}
Client Team
Varvara Melnikova {Managing Director}
Anna Kulachek {Art Director}
Daria Shulga {Head of Partnerships}